How Under Counter Fridge Silver Changed My Life For The Better

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Hotpoint RLA36G1 Graphite Undercounter Fridge

Set up your food the way you want with this stylish undercounter fridge from Hotpoint. It is a perfect fit under the counter and features shelves that can be adjusted to fit your needs, a salad bin and a salad container.

The fridge has received an impressive energy efficiency rating, this undercounter refrigerator will help keep your costs low and do your bit for the environment. It also comes with Hygiene+ protection to keep your food fresher for longer.

Storage capacity 149 litres

This fridge is small enough that it can be placed under the counter but still offers generous storage. There is plenty of room to store your fresh food items with seven shelves in the interior, one large salad container and 1 large drawer. With adjustable safety glass shelves, you can store various sizes of food items without fear of them breaking or falling.

The RLA36G 1 refrigerator from Hotpoint has been given an impressive A+ energy rating so you can be confident that it will operate efficiently and save you money on electricity bills. Hygieneand protection is also included as an anti-bacterial coating applied to the interior of the fridge. This assists in eliminating bacteria and mould. This ensures that food remains fresher for longer. The 149 litre capacity means that it is able to comfortably carry many bags of groceries.

A+ energy rating

The RLA36G1 from Hotpoint has been given an A+ energy rating so you can be confident that your fridge is running efficiently and saving you money on your electricity bills. This compact appliance can be placed under the kitchen counter and comes with capacity of 146 litres to accommodate all your food items. It’s packed with features too like adjustable shelves made of safety glass as well as a salad drawer. handy door compartments for jars and bottles. Antibacterial protection is included to prevent odours and make the unit look stylish.

You don’t need to worry about frost accumulations, as the auto defrost feature takes care of all the work for you. Active Oxygen dispenser releases pure air to your fridge, preventing bacteria from growing by as much as 90%..

This undercounter refrigerator has an opening that can be reversible, which lets you be more flexible with its placement. It is also possible to fit this refrigerator retro under counter fridge counter into tight spaces with the help of the feet that can be adjusted. Lastly this sleek fridge is backed by a 1-year labour and 10 years of parts manufacturer’s warranties for complete peace of mind.

Hygiene+ protection

To ensure that food and drinks are stored safely, a fridge that is cool and fresh is always on hand. However, if germs and bacteria accumulate in the grills on the front of your appliance, they may slow down performance. Regular cleaning can prevent this problem by keeping your fridge neat and tidy, ensuring it functions in a normal manner.

The undercounter refrigerator manufactured by Hotpoint features shelves made of sturdy safety glass that is able to be used to store anything you require. This is perfect for storing large bottles and casseroles. It also has Hygiene+ protection. That means it’s able to shield your food items from harmful germs and bacteria.

This freestanding fridge with 146 litres is perfect for kitchens of all sizes due to its undercounter design. The sleek Graphite finish makes it both stylish and modern, while the A+ rating for energy efficiency allows you to reduce your electric bills. The fridge also features 7 shelves inside, a large salad container, and plenty of storage to store your groceries. In addition, the hygienic antibacterial coating inside the fridge will help keep your food fresher for longer.

Versatile design

The 146-litre capacity of the Hotpoint RLA36G1 undercounter refrigerator makes it perfect for keeping a large amount of snacks, food and drinks neatly tucked away under your counter. A reversible door lets you slot it in any corner of your kitchen or utility space and adjustable feet make sure the unit sits flush on uneven surfaces. You can also adjust the temperature to suit what you are stocking. The auto defrost feature as well as Hygiene+ protection will protect your food from mold and bacteria.

A reputable undercounter fridge must be able to cool down quickly from room temperature or else you’ll see the accumulation of moisture in the cabinet. Be sure to look for the option of using a fast-cool mode that reduces energy consumption and keeps your food cold in a short time.

Selecting a model with forced air circulation is a good option, since this will ensure that the temperature is stable and consistent. Marvel offers models that make use of Dynamic Cooling Technology, which optimizes the internal cooling flow to minimize temperature fluctuations. This creates an enhanced preservation environment which enhances food quality including taste and nutrition and also provides longer-lasting freshness and less food waste.

Make sure you review the product’s description carefully. You’ll see models listed as ADA Height or “low profile” and are made to fit under counters and conform to ADA guidelines. This is important since you’ll use your undercounter fridge as a cooler for drinks or as a storage space for your cooking equipment, and it’s important to be able to fit under your counter.

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