11 Strategies To Refresh Your Bioethanol Log Burner

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Bio Ethanol small log burner for shed Burner

Ethanol fires are the most popular substitutes for open and log burning stoves as they emit stunning flames and don’t require the installation of a chimney or flue. They are also an eco-friendly alternative.

Finding and storing firewood, sweeping up the ash and cleaning the fireplace are not easy tasks and are unnecessary when using a freestanding bioethanol fireplace.

No Smoke

As the name suggests bio ethanol stoves burn cleanly and smoke-free which makes them an excellent alternative to a traditional wood-burning stove or open fire. The main reason for this is that, unlike traditional fireplace or open fire the freestanding bio ethanol fire doesn’t require a flue and chimney, so they can be put in your home with relative ease and come in a variety of styles that will suit a variety of interior design tastes.

Bio-ethanol is a renewable and environmentally friendly resource because it’s based on ethanol, a contemporary, sustainable fuel, as opposed to fossil fuels that were formed by prehistoric biological processes. It’s also a more cost-effective alternative to natural gas for central heating.

You can enjoy your new fire by pouring ethanol into the flame and then lighting it. The burner can be filled with more fuel at any time the flames begin to fade – allowing you to enjoy your bio-ethanol fireplace for hours. When you are ready to end the warm glow, simply slide the closing rod over the burner, thereby depriving it of oxygen.

What’s more, bio ethanol fires emit very little odour – the only smell that is associated with the fire is a slight scent when you first light your burner, or when you turn it off like candles. You can also pick from a selection of odorless fuels that are (environmentally eco-friendly!) added. You can pick from a range of odourless bio-ethanol fuels that have been added (environmentally green!)

If you’re thinking of installing a freestanding or wall-mounted bio-ethanol fire, it’s important to consider the layout of your home and whether it has sufficient ventilation. Bio-ethanol stoves come with a built in fan to assist you in this. However, it’s still recommended to have ventilation installed throughout your home, particularly in rooms that are occupied like the lounge or bedroom.

Our bio-ethanol burners are designed to be as easy to install as it is possible. They can be used in modern self-builds without compromising the airtightness of your home by needing the chimney. Likewise, our bio-ethanol fireplaces that are designed to be wall-mounted can be easily anchored on an even surface and can even be installed into alcoves.

No Chimney

Ethanol fires let you enjoy real flames and heat without the necessity of chimneys or flues. They can be used as freestanding fireplaces or built-in stoves for new construction or they can be easily fitted into existing houses and flats that have no chimneys. There’s also a range of styles from traditional wood burning stoves to contemporary log burner designs.

All of our bio-ethanol fireplaces feature a special material that appears to be cloth or cotton-like in appearance. It is designed to absorb the liquid ethanol fuel to ensure that only the vapors are available to ignite. This is to ensure safety, and to help make the flame display even and slow the rate of consumption.

The combustion process does not produce fumes, which means it doesn’t pollute the air in the same manner as solid fuels or gas fires. There is also no need for ventilation as there are no fumes, no ash, and there are no hazardous by products like particulates being released into the air.

Bio ethanol fires are a great choice for those who want the appearance and feel of real wood burning stove or open but don’t have a chimney or where chimneys would be too costly to construct. They can be used as a primary source of heat, or in conjunction with radiators or underfloor heating and they provide genuine warmth, character and comfort in rooms that aren’t typically heated or where traditional wood burning fires simply isn’t practical.

A single litre of fuel can typically last for 3 hours at full power. It provides up to 1.4kW of heat that can comfortably warm rooms to 20 degrees Celsius. It is important not to add fuel to a fire that is burning. Instead wait until the burner has cooled before refilling.

No Carbon Dioxide

Ethanol is a sustainable, green and sustainable energy source. It doesn’t emit harmful sparks or gases. It is among the most environmentally friendly heating methods today. However, it’s essential to realize that no fire is completely carbon-free – even electricity emits some CO2 when it is generated by power stations. Bioethanol fireplaces release significantly less CO2 than wood-burning stoves and gas fires because they do not require a chimney or a flue.

A bioethanol log heater will not only reduce the impact on the environment but also save you money. The ethanol fuel is much cheaper than gas or wood, making it a very economical form of heating your home. Bioethanol log burners also have the benefit of being extremely simple to operate. Simply pour the fuel made of ethanol into the burner, and then light it. Some bio ethanol fireplaces have a sliding mechanism that can be used to snuff out the flame when you’re finished using the fire.

Another benefit of a bio fireplace is that it can be installed in any room in your home, while traditional fireplaces are more restricted by their location since they require a flue or chimney. It is possible to create a stunning focal point for your space without any restrictions on location or design.

If you wish, you can enhance the look of your bio-ethanol fireplace by putting in a decorative chimney. This can provide an older-style appearance to the fire, and will help you get the classic wood stove appearance that many people are after.

Like any fire, a bio ethanol fireplace should always be surrounded by a safe distance, and should never be left unattended. It is also essential to read and follow the user’s manual and safety instructions before igniting your fire. It is also important to have ethanol fuel available in case it takes up to 30 minutes for bio ethanol fireplaces heat and produce flames.

No Ash

Bio ethanol fires generate real flames and heat, without emitting harmful smoke or emissions. They are a great option for people with asthma or allergies who want an alternative to a warm and cozy environment.

Bio fires do not require chimneys or flues and can be put in on a new construction home or an existing fireplace. They don’t require planning permission as they don’t have to be vented. They are an alternative that is safe to wood and gas stoves. They burn so easily, they are much more efficient than traditional fireplaces.

The bioethanol fireplace is simple to maintain and doesn’t emit unpleasant odors when it burns. Bioethanol fires are simple to set up and you just fill the burner tray with fuel, then light it. They will continue to burn until the fuel is all gone or until they’re turned off. In contrast to traditional fires that burn logs, they do not produce any soot or ash and you can leave them in a safe place for a long time.

The amount of time the bio ethanol fuel lasts is dependent on the heat setting and the intensity of the flames. One litre lasts approximately 4 hours at maximum heat, or 8 hours at the lowest setting. Once the bio fire is turned off the fuel will be stored until you are ready to use it again.

When using a bio fire it is crucial to keep flammable materials away from the burner and to not add any other type of fuel or other materials to the burner. It is also essential to read and follow the user’s manual and safety guidelines prior to using the product. You should wait at least 15 minutes after the fire is extinguished to refill the fuel tank of your bio-ethanol fireplace.

A freestanding bio-ethanol fireplace can be a great option for any home. A lot of our designs include various add-ons which enhance and complete the look. You can buy decorative chimneys to give your ethanol fire the authentic wood-burning look. You can also purchase log sets to complement the classic wooden fire appearance. Some bio ethanol fireplaces also come with protective covers that protect the fire when not being used.

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