10 Places That You Can Find Log Burning Stove

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Choosing a Log Burning Stove

If you’re considering buying a wood burning stove, there are a few factors to consider. These include if you live in a smoke control area or area, the size of the stove you’ll require and the maintenance requirements.

Make sure that your firewood is well-seasoned prior to using. The wood that is seasoned has a lower moisture content, so it burns more efficiently.


Wood stoves aren’t just an efficient method of heating, but they also contribute to the look of a living room creating a focal point that can bring families together. They are also a low carbon method of heating that could lower energy costs. They also satisfy a very fundamental human desire for fire.

Log burners are simple to maintain and use. Most modern wood burning stoves were created with this in mind. They are often equipped with self-cleaning glass, which means that all you need to do is clean them with a cloth, removing the occasional ash clump and you’ll be left with stunning glowing flames.

It is crucial to remember that wood burners can only be used safely if they are used with properly seasoned logs. Wet and unseasoned wood will take longer to burn, and may produce a substantial amount of smoke that can harm your furniture, fabrics, and home. This is because the moisture content in the wood must be removed by evaporated water before the wood can generate any heat. This can require much more energy than is actually required for combustion and could result in a poor and unreliable burning.

In addition to this it is essential to make sure that your flue pipe and chimney are in good condition. A chimney sweep is able to perform this every two years. It is also a good idea to have carbon dioxide alarms that are operating, ideally outside of every sleeping space on every floor.

A wood-burning stove may be more cost-effective than a gas fireplace, since firewood is typically cheaper. If you can procure your own logs it’s a more sustainable option. This also creates local businesses and creates beneficial habitat for wildlife. It is worth checking to see if you reside in an area with smoke control laws. Burning wood can produce particles that are banned in these areas.


In the current climate of high energy prices it is logical to choose the most efficient heating solution that is available. A log burning stove is highly effective in this regard. While older wood burning stoves may be less efficient than the latest models Modern log burners operate at as high as 80% efficiency which means that 4/5 of energy generated by your fireplace will be transformed into heat for your home. This is a huge improvement over an open flame which can be costly to run and loses lots of heat from the chimney.

The right kind of wood can also impact efficiency. For example, seasoned hardwood logs produce more heat than softwood or chippings. The way you stack and handle the logs can have an impact on the efficiency of your stove. For instance, if stack your logs in a loose manner in the stove so that air can easily flow through them, then the stove will be able to burn at a uniform rate and produce more heat. If you pack your logs tight and restrict air flow, they’ll smoke.

It is also important to ensure that the air vent is open when you first start to light your stove in order to let it fill with air and to get the fire started. Once you have a strong fire and embers you can slowly close the air vent to allow the fire to breathe and burn at a steady speed. This is an art that takes some practice but once you master it, then your stove will be extremely efficient and you will find that you have to add logs more frequently.

If you’re thinking of installing a log burner, be sure to determine if your home is located in the smoke control zone. If this is the case you’ll require an approved stove from Defra that has been made to work in these areas. It is also essential to ensure that you keep your stove in a regular manner by removing the ash and wiping the glass window as needed.

Environmentally friendly

Log burners are an excellent way to cut carbon emissions since wood is a carbon-free standing log burner source of fuel. They also provide an efficient and sustainable heating option, particularly when utilized in combination with underfloor heating or radiator heating. If you choose an appliance that’s in line with the latest Ecodesign regulations you can expect to reduce your energy costs by about PS100 per year.

Log burning stoves provide warmth and a cozy ambience that other heating methods simply cannot. It’s easy to unwind and relax while sitting in front of a glowing fireplace. You can meditate or practice mindfulness in this area and help to reduce stress.

When using a wood burning stove, it’s essential to use seasoned and properly dried logs that are dry enough to be able to burn. This reduces the emission of particulates into the air, lowering overall air pollution levels.

By controlling the conditions of combustion, the latest stoves are designed to reduce harmful gases like carbon monoxide. This is achieved by regulating the oxygen supply to the fire. This stops the wood from burning quickly, which could cause your stove’s metallic components to overheat or even crack.

A stove that burns wood also provides space heating. This eliminates the need to heat an entire home when only one room is being used. This will save you money on your energy bills and reduce carbon emissions.

Utilizing managed woodlands for logs is eco-friendly since it helps with jobs in the management of woodlands as well as helps wildlife habitats. However, all combustion produces some particulates, so should you reside in a smoke control zone, it is essential to use a Defra approved stove and only burn dry wood.

The good news is, compared to open fireplaces, wood burning stoves produce less emissions. They contribute less than 25 percent of fine particle pollution in London, South East and other regions of the uk log burner. This is a significant reduction!

Aesthetically pleasing

Log burners are an excellent method to warm your home and create a focal point in the home. They are also more energy efficient than traditional gas fires and can be used to supplement other heating options. They are available in a broad selection of finishes and styles to fit any style. However, prior to buying a stove, you must assess whether this type of stove is suitable for your needs.

The key thing to remember when choosing the best wood burning stove is that you will require plenty of logs. If you don’t have a good small log burner fan store and you are looking for a multi-fuel stove, it could be better for you. These stoves can burn logs and other approved fuels such as smokeless anthracite, briquettes, and Briquettes. You will save money over time as you can purchase your logs from multiple suppliers.

A modern woodburner requires a chimney for the venting of smoke that is produced by the flames. Before you buy a stove, be sure it has a Defra approved flue and is Ecodesign ready. There are a myriad of brands of wood stoves that meet these standards and many have showrooms where you can view examples.

The shape of the stove is another important consideration. Woodburners are typically rectangular but nowadays there are many different designs to choose from. Certain woodburners are designed to be placed in an inglenook, whereas others can be installed on a wall or as a feature fireplace. Some have a curved surface to maximize the view of flames.

After you have settled on a style then the next step is to select the size of stove you need. You can pick smaller models that can easily fit in an inglenook or a more substantial model that can be a stunning centrepiece in a room. Consider the colour of the stove. Darker colors are more easy to clean, whereas lighter colours may show soot and dirt.

A wood stove can be a great addition to any home. It will last for many years with proper maintenance.

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