10 Facts About American Style Fridge Freezers That Will Instantly Put You In The Best Mood

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American Fridges Freezers

American fridges and freezers from the United States are elegant additions to kitchens. They have a large capacity so you can stockpile and shop less.

They also have a sleek, minimalist design. Mini-bars are available with a door that folds away on your fridge to make it easier to get access to your cold drinks.


small american fridge freezer – simply click the up coming article – fridge freezers make an impressive display in your kitchen, as they are much larger than their UK counterparts. These fridges are usually freestanding and can reach as high as 91cm. They can also range in size between 70cm and 91cm.

They usually have two full length doors that allow access to the fridge as well as freezer, and often have door shelves that are easy to reach items. This classic design is popular among customers because it offers the space for storage to be full width and accessible at eye level to contents without opening the freezer or fridge several times, thereby saving energy.

These freezers are also larger than their UK counterparts, allowing you to store more frozen foods. This can help reduce the amount of shopping trips. The additional storage space makes them an ideal option for large family meals and for planning parties.

Some models have frost-free technology which helps to reduce manual defrosting while maintaining their performance for a longer time. They can also offer innovative features such as dispensers of water and ice for chilled drinks on demand.

Consider the space you have before purchasing the new American refrigerator freezer. Take into consideration not just the width but the height too ensuring you are able to fit it inside and not hit any cabinets or doors when opening. If you are buying an item that is plumbed-in, keep in mind you’ll need to make sure it is located near a water supply.


The American-style fridge freezer is a catch-all name for the massive models that are popular among large families. They usually have double doors that open at cupboard-size. This traditional design lets you access your food at eye level without having to open the whole appliance, allowing you to save energy by opening just one door at a time and minimising cold air loss which can lower your energy costs.

If you have a big family to feed, or you prefer cooking in batches, look out for models with extra storage capacity as well as useful features such as no-frost technology and multi-flow settings. Many of the American-style models we have also come with a handy ice dispenser to make it simple for everyone to enjoy drinking chilled water.

A few of the larger models also feature the option of converting the zone so that you could make into an additional refrigerator compartment or freezer space. This allows you to have the flexibility that you need to accommodate your growing family and the contents of your weekly shopping.

Most of the models in our selection are freestanding and can be used as a stunning feature piece or pushed back into a bank of kitchen units for a more streamlined look. Be aware that these units can be larger than traditional fridge freezers. You’ll have to take measurements of your hallways and doors to ensure that you can bring it in your home with ease.


If you have a large household to feed, look for american fridge freezer width fridge freezers that have more than 500 litres of storage capacity. This is enough room to hold 40 shopping bags!

Look out for models with glass panels, which allow you a view of your food without opening the door. This way you can look at the contents of your fridge before heading out for a shopping spree – no more being caught without that essential block of cheese! There are fridge freezers equipped with mini-bar doors which fold out – perfect to open your beer. Some models have an ice, water and crushed ice dispensers as well. This lets you enjoy chilled drinks at your fingertips without the need of an additional jug. They are also easy to clean.

Frost-free or no-frost technology can help prolong the life of your appliance by preventing build-ups which can affect the performance of your appliance. You’ll also reduce time and effort since you’ll have to defrost your fridge freezer less often than conventional models.

Many of our models have a holiday mode, which reduces the amount of energy your fridge-freezer consumes while you’re away. Make sure you empty your freezer before you leave! We also have models that have energy efficiency ratings of A or higher. This is great for the environment and will help keep your electricity bills low.


Although American refrigerator freezers have larger capacities than UK models, that does not mean they cost much to run. Modern manufacturing techniques and the energy efficiency demands of customers mean that these huge appliances use less electricity than you’d expect.

It is generally believed that the bigger fridge freezers mean more expensive its running costs. This is not always the case. It’s usually due to the compressor’s location, which is close to a larger vertical freezer compartment. It gets hot fast, meaning it requires more effort to keep things suitably chilled.

You can find American fridge freezers with A+ energy ratings and low noise levels. You should look for features that can lower your food costs, such as an airflow system that prevents frost build-up and fancy drawers with 0@ for vegetables and fruits for long-lasting freshness.

Be aware that large american fridge freezer kitchen appliances tend to be very heavy. You’ll want to make sure they’re able to pass through the front and internal doors on delivery, especially in the case of an upper-floor apartment. If you have any concerns then you should inquire with the retailer if they are able to take off (and put back in place) the fridge freezer’s doors at the time of delivery or get a handyman in to do it for you.

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